Worcester Mela wins Royal Television Society Award

Worcester Mela has won the RTS Midlands Creative Community award, for their documentary, ‘Worcester Voices‘. The South Asian, voluntary led organisation has been uniting the city through culture, colour and creativity and spreading their message of ‘love not hate’ over the last 18 months. The documentary shares the stories of migrant settlers in Worcester and how they have shaped and contributed to the economy. 

Worcester Mela Chair, Jabba Riaz said… 

‘We are extremely proud and honoured to have received this award and would like to thank the RTS judges for recognising our humble piece of work. Our small, dedicated team of volunteers have worked tirelessly for the city over the past 18 months to bring a new cultural arts organisation, rooted in the values and traditions of South Asian Communities. Our aim was to authentically tell the stories of migrant settlers within the city, charting their struggles & triumphs in making Worcester their home. The result was a poignant documentary created by James Silvanus Films that preserved the history and paid tribute to those early communities. Everyone who has seen the film has been touched by the powerful message it portrays. I would like to thank all of those involved, not least the Mela team and our partners, who have helped in making this a success.  

 We were up against some incredible nominations and are so grateful to have won; this is really going to put Worcester Mela on the map!  This award, of course, could not have been realised without the input of the community and all those who shared their photographs, memories, and stories. We dedicate this award to them, as a huge thank you for letting us tell your beautiful stories.’

For media enquiries, please contact:       

Jabba Riaz, Worcester Mela Chair – 07908754485 

Anjali Fowler, Worcester Mela Vice Chair – 07786433213


Katy Rooke- producer 07870762169