Our vision

yellow and red hanging decors

To create a Mela – a ‘Festival of togetherness’ that welcomes, educates and entertains.

Our mission

To create something that has never been done before in Worcester, that celebrates South Asian culture and heritage in the city. To create a Mela – a ‘Festival of togetherness’ that welcomes, educates and entertains. It will be a ‘free to all’ not for profit event, with an intergenerational ethos, strengthening the integration of all communities.

Our Vision

Bring together different communities and provide a shared experience that will entertain, educate and unite.

Showcase what is unique and inclusive about South Asian heritage and tradition with diverse and unusual projects

Create a platform for further integration, understanding and exploration of culture.

Lay the foundations of a sustainable city Mela by 2025

Our Unique Offering

The people – The growth of South Asian population in the city of Worcester has a different hallmark to other cities.

The city – Worcester has a unique geography, culture, and identity which features in our activities

Our time – Ours is likely to be the first Mela in a post covid era and will embrace new ways of connecting people; supporting communities to come to terms with social trauma.


To be the most creative Mela in the UK

To be a ‘Mela of our time’ where well being and healing after covid underpin all activities

To be a fully Artistic Mela equally open to all regions of south asian cultural expression.

To let the country know we have a strong Asian community in Worcester and be more visible

To highlight the contribution Asians have made to Worcester city

To increase tourism, support local businesses, and showcase the city

To breakdown barriers for integration

To leave people keen to explore more after their experience

To create locally resonant artwork and support local projects

To utilise new and innovative forms of engagement include a strong online proposition

To restore confidence to heavily impacted communities to enter the public sphere again.