Our story

gray concrete pathway between concrete buildings during daytime

We are a team of local volunteers and professionals that have a vision to create a ‘Mela’ in Worcester to celebrate South Asian culture and tradition.

It will be a not for profit ‘free to all’ festival to bring all communities together.

The word ‘Mela’ literally means a large group of people, but has come to denote a wider more inclusive meaning which we like to think of as a ‘festival of togetherness’.  Our goal is to create a space that can bring people together from across the city and the wider county to  entertainment, educate and enthral.

A traditional Mela is full of colour and vibrancy and has the feel of a carnival. It is an opportunity to sample different types of asian cuisines, listen and dance to music ranging from traditional folk to modern day classics- with a Bhangra beat! It should make your soul sing!

There will be arts and craft from across the regions and workshops and installations to create a deeper understanding of our heritage in the modern day.

yellow and red hanging decors

It is a powerful force to breakdown barriers and strengthen communities while creating a springboard for further exploration.

We hope it will encourage you all to explore further what the south asian community and its rich heritage have to offer.

Worcester Mela Partnership secured funding from Severn Arts through the Arches Festival Project and The Arts Council to deliver arts based projects within the city. The Cultural Development Fund supports The Community Festivals Development Programme, which is part of The Arches Festivals Project.

During the past few years of Covid we have been unable to meet people in the usual way, making a festival like this impossible. Our Mela will signify an end to distancing where people can come together after covid to celebrate what is really important- our connection with others.

Over the last year we have had to rethink how we deliver Mela to the city. We have therefore embarked on 2 projects to honour we came from. A ‘Voices’ project to mark the stories of the original settlers that first came to Worcester, and an Art Installation at the Worcester Royal Hospital to mark the disproportionate amount of the South Asian community affected by covid.

This year our focus is to deepen our engagement with communities, work closely with partners and contributors, and focus on these 2 projects before entering a period of celebration in the summer of 2022.

We hope to welcome you soon to Worcester Mela 2022!