Uniting the city through culture, colour and creativity

Illustration of The Hive
Illustration of Worcester Cathedral
Illustration of multiple fans
Illustration of multiple fans
Illustraion of a Tuk Tuk and cart
Illustration fo two dancers
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Illustration of a female dancer
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A festival of togetherness in South Asian style!

girl with purple and blue paint on face
yellow and red hanging decors

Mela literally means a ‘festival of togetherness’ and is always vibrant, inclusive and entertaining. It showcases all aspects of culture and tradition across the region.

Mela is...
about breaking down barriers
A spirit of abundance
a voice for the community
for everyone
sharing our values
a celebration of culture and heritage
colourful and vibrant
about bringing generations together
about feeling happiness and joy
Eating, drinking and laughing together
a feast for the senses
learning from each other
Learning from each other
about giving and receiving

Breaking down barriers & strengthening communities

blue plastic toy on pink and white floral textile
girl with purple and blue paint on face
girl wearing red tank top carrying baby
clear drinking glass with white liquid on brown wooden round table
purple yellow and green paint
yellow and red hanging decors
brown wooden hanging decor with yellow and red hanging decors

It is a powerful force to breakdown barriers and strengthen communities while creating a springboard for further exploration. We hope it will encourage you all to explore further what the south asian community and its rich heritage have to offer.